2 cyl horizontal hot-bulb engine

FindĀ“s Motor.

Double-opposed  2cyl  hot-bulb  engine.

Engine built 2008. Engine No 1-o8 Fuel: Turpentine Bore-stroke 20-34 mm.

I was inspired by a Blackstone  Double-opposed 2cyl hot-bulb engine when I build this

2 cyl horizontal lamp-start hot-bulb engine, and again using the same hot-bulb, governor-

system as on my previous  build engines. 

Fly-wheel site of engine.

Front site of engine.

A site view of the engine.

Cam-shaft. Valve -cams. Valve-rocker-arms. Push-rods. 


Fly-ball governor controlled injection-pump system.

Crankshaft.  Main-bearing oilers.  Big-end oilers.

Watch the engine running.