Inverted hot-bulb engines

FindĀ“s Motor.

Engine built 2004. Engine No. 1-04. Fuel: Kerosene. bore-stroke 20-32 mm.

My next engine project was an inverted lamp-start hot-bulb engine.

I used the hot-bulb system, the fly-ball governor controlled injection-pump and injector

that I had used on my horizontal hot-bulb engines, and it worked very well on the inverted engine too. I just had to set up the compression ratio because of the seperate connected inlet-exhaust valve-chamber on the outside of the cylinder bottom.

       Water-pump connection.                             Fly-ball governor system. 

        Engine built 2004. Engine No 2-04. Fuel: Kerosene. Bore-stroke 20-32 mm.  

        Engine built 2003. Engine No. 4-03. Fuel: Kerosene. Bore-stroke 20-32 mm. 

I had to make A special blow-lamp for the low sitting hot-bulb. 

Fly-ball governor controlled injection-pump system

A conical bar, situated between the injection pump-cam and the injection-pump plunger, is moved in and out by the fly-ball governor, there by changing the stroke of the plonger, witch means more or less fuel to the injector. 

Watch the engine running

 Inverted  hot-bulb  engines.