My first built engine

FindĀ“s Motor.

My first built engine.

Four-stroke Gas-engine  High-tention  ignition.     

Built 1984.

 My very first built engine,inspired by a Crossley gas engine, seen on the island where I live.

The engine has high tension ignition,the fuel is lighter-gas, bore and stroke: 20-42mm. 

Four-stroke  Gas-engine  Hot-tube  ignition.

Built 1989.


My second built engine was an inverted hot-tube gas engine , with a fly-ball governor controlled "hit and miss" system. The system keep the exhaust valve open  at a certain speed, by mean of a leaver connected to the exhaust valve rocker-arm, that hit a part of the fly-ball governor when it is open.

The fuel is lighter-gas and the bore-stroke 20-24 mm.

Fly-ball governor controlled hit and miss system.                    Hot-tube and gas burner.