Two stroke hot-bulb engine

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Two stroke - cross head - hot bulb - model- engine.

I had never tried to build a two-stroke hot-bulb engine before only four-stroke engines, so I thought that the time had come, to try to build one .The engines I had build before was so called "open crankcase" engines, so this one should be open too, using a cross-head to guide the piston-pin. I was as you perhaps can see, very inspired by Swedish two-stroke engine builders like Beijers Kristala, when I should design and build the engine.


You might think that it would be much easier to build a two-stroke engine compered to a four-stroke  engine, but it is indeed more complicated, especeally when you build it as an open crankcase engine, using a cross-head.The cylinder is rather complicated to construct too, because of the build in, intake - cavenge - exhaust channels, witch musth be separated from each other, and from the cooling Water channels.


Fly-ball governor controlled injection pump system

The Photos show, my well-proved fly-ball governor controlled injection-pump system, used on my four-stroke engines . It seem yo Work well on this engine too, I just had to make an injection-pump cam with two cams, because the site-shaft only turn half the crankshaft speed. 


                          Site-shaft parts

The Photo show at the top: the site-shaft with gear-Wheels for the fly-ball governor and the crankshaft. To the left under the shaft, the "double" injection-pump cam, the green painted site-shaft bracket, and the governor with its conection links. Moving to the right, first the other site-shaft bracked, and then the eccentric operated water-pump.

Assemble Photos

The Photos show at the top from left to right, the cylinder and the cross-head guide. From left to right in the middle of Photos, is the piston, the piston-rood, the cross-head, the connecting-rood and the crankshaft big end bearing, and under this Again (left Photo) the intake walve.

The Photo show the intake-valve parts

The intake-valve in place on the cylinder

     The parts assembled (left Photo), ready to be mounted on the engine base ( right Photo)


                             Engine oilers

Crankshaft - flywheel connection.

The Photo show engine oilers.To the right , the parts for the cylinder sight-feed oiler

The Photos show the crankshaft - flyWheel connection and the crankshaft bearings.

Engine specifications:

Engine build: 2014.

Engine No.: 1-014.

Engine type: Two cycle, cross-head, hot-bulb engine.

Bore - Stroke: 20 mm. - 32 mm.

Fuel: Mineral turpentine ore kerosene, injected into a vaporiser tube, mounted in the hot-bulb.

Preheating of hot-bulb: Adjustable blowtorch, using lighter gas as fuel. Preheating time 2-3 min.

Injector type: Adjustable spring loaded needle valve injactor, adjusted to open at 10 Bar. 

Compression ratio: 8-1.

Lubrication: Mineral engine oil with a grade of 15-40.

Cooling system: Water cooled using water-pump.